We help you to become a lean innovation company


DOON is a lean innovation agency. We help organisations to develop new products and services that generate new revenue. In collaboration with our clients we create creative, entrepreneurial, lean business development teams. Together we come up with great ideas. The best ideas are used to create new products and services with unique advantages for the customer. This is done in a fast paced, cost efficient, step-by-step program where you are in control.


We are convinced that the most successful new products and services emerge from a combination of great ideas, impressive talent and well executed processes and methods. Our methods are primarily based on methods used in the world of startups. We have customised these methods to be used within existing companies.


Lean Business Development


Lean innovation and innovating like a startup has become a lot easier thanks to our innovation method and the accompanying creative tools. The tools support a step-by-step development proces for creating products and services in collaboration with customers.


DOON Teaches

Teach your business development team to innovate like a startup. Experience how new ideas quickly grow into unique products and services that satisfy the real need of your customers. You learn to use creative tools to develop a great idea into a great product or service.

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DOON Coaches

Lean innovation experts will coach you and your team to develop new products and services. Using a step-by-step program and using pratical tools based on the best practices of the lean startup community. 

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