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You learn to innovate by doing

We believe innovating is the art of successfully realising ideas. And to become good at realising ideas, you need to practice. It takes practice and a lot of trial and error to create a master. Our training courses are designed as a serious game - a workshop where the trainee needs to roll up his sleeves and starts working with practical visual tools and practical examples.

We train our international customers usually on-site. To make the training as cost effective as possible the number of trainees need to be adequate or the training can be combined with a workshop for a customer for example. We are flexible and a lot is negotiable.


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Innovate like a startup

Startups innovate by making ideas tangible and by talking to potential customer as early-on in the innovation process as possible. Gather feedback from customers and learn. Learn and modify your product or service based on observed needs. That is the core of innovating like a startup.

In this training course you will learn to innovate step by step. Each step gives you more insight in your customer value. These are the steps in the training course:

  • You describe the vision and mission supporting your idea
  • Get to know your customer. You learn how to find out the major problems the customer faces on a daily basis using Design Thinking techniques. Based on this understanding of the customer you learn how to generate ideas and solutions to alleviate the pains of the customer.
  • You describe, a first version, of the business model.
  • You learn to identify assumptions in your product or service and your view of the customer. You will learn to validate these assumptions by conducting interviews. You learn who to interview and how.
  • You learn to visualize your idea and make it tangible for your potential customers. This helps you to gather genuine feedback.
  • To be able to develop your product or service, you need more time and resources. A convincing story, a pitch, will help you to convince your colleagues, your manager or your sponsor to support you.

The training course will give you the knowledge and skills to create a product or service optimally tuned to the needs of your customer. You can substantiate the need to develop your product or service using a first version of a business model, a visualisation of your product or service and a convincing story, a pitch.

2 days of training
€ 1495,- per person excluding VAT, travelling expenses and accommodation costs. Including manuals, presentation and tools for the complete DOON Innovation Method in digital form. License fees depend on the use of the method.
Negotiable. On-site is certainly possible.
minimum of five persons