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DOON Innovation Method

All our tools are based on the DOON Innovation Method. The method is a set of pratical, easy and fun to use workshops. Each workshop is a step in your innovation journey. Each workshop is designed as a serious game. A game with clear results that will help you to develop your product or service.

Each workshop gives you more insight and knowledge about the viability and the possible success of your idea, your product or service. And so with each step you gain more certainty about the usability of sustained investment in the development of the idea, product or service.

The innovation methode covers all aspects of an innovation project: from idea generation till integration of a product or service in the existing business processes. The method is based on existing and proven techniques from the Lean Startup movement, Agile project management, Design Thinking, User eXperience Design and others. The DOON Innovation Method makes all these techniques very practical to use in an every day business setting. Your innovation team can immediately start innovating.

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DOON Ignition Box

This approximately A3-sized box contains all material of the first 6 essential steps in an innovation project. The box contains a hands-on manual which enables you as an innovator within in your company to independently perform these 6 initial steps.

The result of these steps is a well-researched story, a pitch, that enables you to convince your colleagues, your manager and/or your sponsor to support you in the development of your idea by providing time and resources.

The box is a great innovation starter kit. DOON currently sells this box via its website (Dutch only currently). The box is available in two languages: Dutch and English (in progress). White labeling, language translations and further customisations for larger quantities are certainly negotiable.